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NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE LIEN Individual (Colorado Revised Statute 38-22-109(3)) Notice is hereby given that, , whose address is , , Colorado, , performed labor, or provided materials or laborers
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In order to preserve a lien for work performed, or materials or laborers supplied, a notice of intent to file a lien must be served personally on the owner, reputed owner, or agent of the owner, AND the principal or prime contractor or his or her agent at least ten days prior to the filing of a lien statement.

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Let me show you how easy it is to file a notice or a lien with express lane go through all the website Express link comm and click on the get started button that's going to take you to our lien wizard what this is going to do is ask you a series of questions to learn more about the document you want to file and about your project so that we can put the lien together for the purposes of this demonstration we're gonna file a preliminary notice in the state of Washington select the state of Washington what was my role in the project a subcontractor the prime contractor is the one who hired me and it was a commercial job so click Next now when you get to this next screen over here to the right in the black construction box the lien Wiz is going to tell you a little bit about the notice requirements and the lien deadlines associated with the project that you're performing so since we did a commercial project and I'm a subcontractor the lien wizard figures out that my preliminary notice of rights is going to be delivered within sixty days of first providing labor and materials it also tells me when my lien deadline is from here choose the type of document I want a file click on when you click on the document that you want to file over here in the right box and instructions it's going to provide you a little bit of information about that particular document to help explain what type of document is going to be prepared and what that document does if you want to get back to you notice requirements you can just click on this button to see the notice requirements again as I said we're gonna follow up for elimination ODIs let's click on the next button since I'm already a loss I'm already a registered user and logged in here's some of my example information you fill this out if you are a new customer next it's going to ask you for information about the project we know what you want to file we know who you are now tell us a little bit about where you worked you can pick you can fill in information if your project is not already in the database or if you're a new customer however if you already ordered something with us or you already put this project information in just select it from the drop down menu in Psych and the rest go next thing that's going to happen is it's going to take you to the project contacts page now I already had that information about the project in and I already had the property owner in as one of the contacts for that particular project let's say I wanted to send my preliminary notice to the prime contractor as well I've clicked on the add another contact button I'm gonna select the prime contractor and I've put in some information about this particular contractor let's say ABC construction five five five five five five and click Next now it knows about us it knows about what we want to file and it was about our project and now what if someone's asking a little bit about your order who do we want to send notices to we're gonna put the...